My research interests include college athlete development, college athletes and academics, women in intercollegiate athletic administration, college student transition programs and their assessment, and the background and experiences of student-athlete services professionals.

Forthcoming Publications

Krotz, J. J., & Rubin, L. M. (In press). Legislators’ perceptions of public university student lobbying efforts on

public higher education legislation: A case study. eJournal of Public Affairs.

Rubin, L. M., Fuller, R. D., & Stokowski, S. (In press). “I might as well get my education”: The experiences of black male

Division III college athletes. Journal of Athlete Development and Experience.

Troxel, W. G., Rubin, L. M., Grey, D., McIntosh, E., & Hoagland, I. (In press). A content analysis of the scholarship of

academic advising across global publications. Research Report 211. NACADA Center for Research at Kansas State


Published Works

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